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Description In 96% very sharp all matching condition with a mint bore, we have a 1944 production German Army Issued Walther ac 44 Coded P.38 Pistol. This is from the “h” production block which would date it to around August, 1944. This is the standard production variant with the reddish or copper colored frame. Best mini camera

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Bid on Lot #4674: Walther "ac 44" Code G43 Semi-Automatic Rifle - With one extra magazine and a brown leather sling....

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This "ac 44" G43 comes complete with an original WW2-issue 10 round magazine that is 100% functional in good condition overall. It still has a great deal of the original factory black-painted finish intact, and the original stampings are still crisp and legible. This is a Walther manufactured "AC" ordinance code "44" date P.38 pistol manufactured in about February, 1944 as production pressure forced the factory to cut some corners on things like the final finishing polishing. It's not a particularly rare P.38, but it is in absolutely mint condition.

Make: Walther of Germany. In 1944 “ac” was the Nazi code for Walther. Model: Karabiner 43. Initially named the Gewehr 43 (abbreviated G43, K43, Gew 43, Kar 43). Serial Number: 3761. Year of Manufacture: 1944. Markings: The left side of the slide is marked “P.38”, “2743 k“ and “ac 44”, which identifies this pistol as Walther made in 1942. The left side of frame is marked “2743k” and with an Eagle over “359” mark.

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