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You are experiencing difficulties locating a design or you would like to know where the locally cached Fusion 360 designs are stored on your computer's hard drive. One way to look through the locally cached files is to enter the offline mode. How to work in offline mode in Fusion 360. While working in offline mode, the Data Panel will allow you to view into your locally cached files. On the ... Cat playpen

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Deleting Fusion 360 Files Why is it not sometimes not possible to delete files, even if those files are not used in another design. Report. 0 Likes Reply.

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This add-in can be used to give the customers direct access to Fusion help documentation. The folder contained in the attached zip file should be copied into your Fusion 360 '''AddIns''' folder. On my Windows system, this folder is located at the path shown below. (Insert your system log-in name, where the '''__Log-In-Name__''' section is shown.) In Fusion 360, there are different solutions for sharing files with both internal and external stakeholders. This weeks quick tip explains how to share files with external stakeholders (not invited to the project).

To make the script or add-in known to Fusion 360, run the Script and Add-Ins command and click the green "+" icon beside the "My Scripts" or "My Add-Ins" folder in the dialog, as shown below. Use the dialog to browse to the location of the script or add-in and choose the .py, .js, .dll (for Windows), or .pylib (for Mac) file. Project folders can be archived and individual files can be deleted in the Fusion 360 Data Panel. Right-click to access the commands. Archived projects (and all the files within them) can be recovered from the Archive folder in the web browser. Deleted files will be placed into a trash folder where they can be restored.

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