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Jun 24, 2019 · In Windows/NT batch command (file extension *.bat or *.cmd i.e. *.cmd indicates that the script is not for intended use on 16-bit DOS or older OS – and the *.bat indicates that the batch script can be run on all platforms), it is a bit tricky to do the Arithmetic operations.

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Aug 23, 2018 · * * 1 (or no value explicitly set) means the operation is finished * and the batch processing can continue to the next operation. * * Batch API resets this to 1 each time the operation callback is called.

S3 Batch Operations is a powerful feature for processing massive amounts of data, made more versatile through Lambda integrations in Scala. System 800xA DCS batch operations. Improved production profitability with agile batch operations. 800xA Batch Management provides the tools to allow user intervention to make the necessary adjustments and continue the processing of the batch through the control recipe procedure. An operator or supervisor can easily re-route the batch path to another allowable unit if the originally selected unit is not available or out-of-service.

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